Daily life of a cat - Funny moments

The life of a Cat - Funny moments of its day to day activities

Welcome and sit tight as you are put into laughter by these crazy cats. We will show the funny moments of a cats life in this short clip.

This has clip has some hilarious scenes of cats trying to jump over things to cats just acting abnormal. We see all the cats from thin lanky cats to fat cats that just sit about. The clip will be supported by some hip hop beat background music, while the cats dance around

The funny animals will also make noise beyond laughter. we can see this in one of the scene, such as the battle of two cats. This is near the end of the clip, so watch it all carefully. the two cats stare down each other, but this goes for one second until one makes a move. I will keep quiet, now as its your job to watch and learn.

This clip was used YouTube Editor.

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